Dog Sitting


Dog Sitting

Going away for an evening or a weekend? You can leave your precious pup with me so that you can have fun or do whatever you need to do, knowing that your doggy is in a safe, comfortable and happy place! When your pups stay with me, he or she, will become part of our little family. He or she will be free to run, sleep and play all around the home: dogs are allowed anywhere around the house. I believe in positive encouragement and having a lot of fun and cuddles

My home is filled with love and care and is completely dog-friendly and safe; they will certainly feel at home here.

Overnight stay/24 hours: € 60 TTC
Need more than one night? Contact me for pricing


These are my two permanent residents, my babies! Gunter, a male dog who’s the friendliest, playful cutie and a female cat, Lady Lea, who’s super chilled, cuddly and likes to observe and judge her canine (and human) friends.

  • Walks
  • Hide and treat
  • Doggy play dates

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When you pup comes to stay with us overnight, he/she will enjoy plenty of one-hour walks with the rest of our little pack ( 3 to 4 times a day), playing and exploring local forests and parks. We take a maximum five dogs per walk and only one overnight pup-guest at a time.

Between each walk there will be plenty of resting, playing and cuddling in our home with Gunter the basset hound and Lea the cat. You provide your dog’s usual food (and medication if needed) and I will take care of the rest!


Please be advised that

An up-to-date vaccinations report will be required for each dog.

We don’t accept dogs with critical health concerns – if your dog has an ongoing illness,
please get in touch so we chat and decide together if we can offer the service you need.

We don’t accept aggressive dogs who could be a potential threat to the pack’s health,
comfort and safety (as well as our own) and anyone else crossing our path on a regular walkies .