Day Caring

We provide your puppy with a full day of fun and lots of care and plenty of fresh air! A day full of running, playing and sniffing with their furry friends plus a lunch break and lots of well-deserved nap-times and cuddles in a loving home.

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What we do

We will collect your dog in an air conditionated, ventilated van, fitted with comfortable, spacious and secure cages.

Your dog will enjoy one-hour walkies, 3 to 4 times a day with the rest of our little pack*, playing and exploring local forests and parks
*We take maximum five dogs per walk

Between each walk, your pup will be resting (or playing) and getting loads of cuddles, indoors, in a home environment, always together with Gunter the basset hound and Lea the cat . Meals and medications will be provided by the parents.

Your dog returns home, happy to see you and ready for another well-deserved nap and lots more cuddles !


Please be advised that

An up-to-date vaccinations report will be required for each dog.

We don’t accept dogs with critical health concerns – if your dog has an ongoing illness,
please get in touch so we chat and decide together if we can offer the service you need.

We don’t accept aggressive dogs who could be a potential threat to the pack’s health,
comfort and safety (as well as our own) and anyone else crossing our path on a regular walkies .