Have you ever thought about making a major change in your life? Wanted to do something you always dreamt of doing, to follow your passion and give new meaning to your life? My name is Valeria and WagnWalk was my dream and now is my reality… here is my story…

For 13 years, I had an incredibly satisfying career that allowed me to be creative, make an impact on the architectural scenery of Luxembourg, working with talented, driven people, meeting interesting characters and travelling around the world. It was incredibly challenging and fulfilling, but over time, I began thinking more and more about want I wanted to do next, what would make me happy…

From childhood to adulthood, I’ve always been surrounded by four-legged friends, from horses to dogs and cats and even rabbits. Since I was little, my dream job was to take care of animals, but my life took another path, which I loved for many years and taught me so much.

But then Gunter came into my life, like a beautiful tornado, and nothing was the same!!!

Seeing his cute little muzzle, his warm welcome and happiness every time I opened the door (even when I literally went out for just 30 seconds) always put me in the very best of moods, especially after a really long and stressful day at work.

And then the idea of creating my own venture where I could be with him and other puppies and bring peace of mind to fellow puppy-parents started getting stronger and stronger. I know how hard it is to juggle work and commitments and keep your doggy happy and exercised and how tough it can be to leave your precious pup. And then my idea started shaping into a plan: WagnWalk – but could I turn a dream into a reality?

Life is never that simple, and decisions like these aren’t always black and white, it is scary to make a complete life change, giving up a career and the salary that goes with it, and to be honest, I spent months contemplating the idea, but with the support of my friends and loved ones, I decided to take make it happen and I am so glad I did. When I open the door of a client’s home and there is a dog so happy to see me, I know that I’ve made the right choice.

At Walk N’Wag we provide a safe, loving, fun and socially fulfilling service for your dog, keeping them active and providing care and stimulation when you can’t be there with them.

Join the pack

We look after every dog as part of our pack, and our groups are carefully shaped to suit each pups needs.

Dogs are our passion

We are trained, caring and dedicated individuals, who have a passionate interest in the needs and psychology of our furry friends to ensure they are kept both physically and mentally active every day.

Gunter & Lea

With the help of Vale’s besties, Gunter the Basset Hound and Lea the « voluptuous » cat, we provide an excellent dog walking, dog caring and dog sitting service, built on our three values: Transparency, Reliability & Efficiency.

On a human scale

We believe it is better to be a big part of something small, than a small part of something big, which is why we never walk more than five puppies at the time.

Located near Luxembourg city centre

When you pup comes to stay with us overnight, he/she will enjoy plenty of one-hour walks with the rest of our little pack ( 3 to 4 times a day), playing and exploring local forests and parks. We take a maximum five dogs per walk and only one overnight pup-guest at a time.